Animal Control Lancaster PA

Animal control Lancaster Pa-The primary objective of an animal control program is to reduce and eliminate damage in an practical and humane manner. As wildlife control operators, Backyard Wildlife Solutions uses animal control methods which are most effective to the specific type of nuisance animal. The key to controlling and resolving animal damage and activity is the accurate identification of the type of animal that is causing the issue. Identification will often require a professional wildlife control operator to recognize certain signs such as tracks, droppings, nesting material and debris, and food caches. Once the offending animal has been identified, proper animal control methods can be employed.

Trapping and removing the animal or animals is the first step to resolving the problem in an animal control program. Trapping can be accomplished by a variety of traps, and we use only traps and methods approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which licenses wildlife control professionals. Having the knowledge of animal behavior and utilizing proper trapping and baiting techniques is essential for a successful trapping program. Improper control techniques may harm the animals, risk not capturing them, and make them more difficult to capture in the future. Animals may become wary of traps and ignore them altogether.

Repairs & Exclusion After Removal

Physically excluding the offending animals is the next step, and is the best and most permanent way for proper animal control. Once the animals have been removed, and the damage and entry points have been identified, a plan can be made for repairs and exclusion. Proper exclusion requires a wide variety of materials as well as an understanding of how homes are constructed, and the proper components to do so. In some instances, a simple repair may not be sufficient, and the area may need to be fortified beyond it’s original construction. We are often asked, “Was my home not properly constructed?” The answer is-sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Improperly installed components, such as soffit, fascia, and siding will often contribute to animal access. Certain components “lend” themselves to easy entry, such as various roof and gable vents, that only have screens designed for bug prevention. Simple “handyman” patches and repairs will often lead to poor results, and likely only offer a temporary fix. Proper exclusion methods should include original components when possible, custom aluminum repair, and galvanized hardware cloth appropriate to the repair area. Quality caulking and sealing will insure against future issues.

Remediation may also require cleaning and restoration of certain areas. In an upcoming blog we will discuss proper removal of droppings and nesting debris, as well as disinfecting and deodorizing  affected areas.

Call Backyard Wildlife Solutions today for animal control and animal removal issues in your home and on your property. Based in Lititz, Pa, we offer animal control and animal removal solutions in Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Reading, York, and surrounding areas. Animal Control Lancaster Pa.