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Raccoon Removal

What you need to know about raccoon removal

What do they do?

Raccoons have easily adapted to urban life! They’re usually found stealing pet food, raiding trash cans, and living in your attic or chimney space.

Even though they are categorized as omnivores, they will eat anything and are opportunists. They’ll tip over your trash cans to scavenge scraps and break in to steal pet food. Overall, they are very destructive during their search for food.

Raccoons are also great climbers and can fit into very small spaces.

Additionally, they have realized that human areas are ideal for raising their offspring. Raccoons prefer to live in attics which can cause extensive and expensive damage. Once they are inside, they vandalize insulation and wiring which is also a safety hazard.

What diseases do they carry?

Raccoons are common carriers of rabies and canine distemper. They actually carry a variety of diseases that are transferrable to humans and pets. Ultimately, raccoons are not the type of critters you want to mess around with.

How raccoon removal works

Similar to other repellents, raccoon repellent is ineffective. Trapping is the most effective method of removal. During the trapping process, they often become extremely aggressive. Furthermore, we do not recommend trapping the raccoon on your own because of their aggressive nature and risk of disease.

As wildlife professionals, we only use humane traps approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Once we remove the raccoon from your property, their entry points can be sealed. If there is any damage to the home, we can make most repairs or reco

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Serving Central PA

Backyard Wildlife Solutions serve a wide area in central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, York, Berks, Lebanon, Dauphin, Cumberland, and Adams Counties.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions is a registered member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.  Undergoing regular training, BWS uses humane, approved traps and techniques when removing raccoons and other animals from residential and commercial properties.


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