Snake Removal

Snake Removal PA

This is what you need to know about snake removal in PA

Common problems:

  • Snakes in yard or swimming pool
  • Snake inside the house
  • Snake under shed/deck

Snakes can be difficult customers when it comes to trapping, removal is usually done by hand which understandably is a no-go for many people.  Fortunately Pennsylvania does not have many venomous snakes however this does not make removing it yourself any more appealing.  For a list of snakes in Pennsylvania click here.

If you have a snake in your home, yard or somewhere else on your property you don’t need to panic.  Snakes are rarely venomous and will not simply come up and attack you, they are far more likely to slither away or stand their ground if they feel threatened.  As a general rule, if you leave them alone, they will do the same to you.

People are often fearful that their snake visitor may be venomous, in all reality its not easy to determine this without experience.  Remember that venomous snakes in Pennsylvania are very rare, most of the calls we get are for black snakes & garter snakes.

How snake removal works

Depending on where the snake is, if its out of the way in your yard it will probably leave on its own accord.  If you have a snake inside your home, do not try to capture it, instead isolate it if you can and call a snake removal professional.

Repellents are generally ineffective, definitely do not try to kill the snake either, this is when the snake is most likely to defend itself and when most injuries occur.

Serving Central PA

Backyard Wildlife Solutions serve a wide area in central Pennsylvania, including: Lancaster, York, Berks, Lebanon, Dauphin, Cumberland, and Adams Counties.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions is a registered member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.  Undergoing regular training BWS uses humane, approved traps and techniques when removing bats from residential and commercial properties.