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Snake Removal

Snake Removal PA

Everything you need to know about snake removal in Pennsylvania

Snakes are very common in Pennsylvania, but the majority are non-venomous snakes. We frequently receive calls for snakes in swimming pools, inside houses, or under sheds and decks.

About Snakes

If a snake makes its way into your home, there is no need to panic. Generally, if snakes are left alone, they will leave you alone. They only attack if they are provoked.

Furthermore, the majority of our snake removal calls are for black snakes and garter snakes. Additionally, these breeds of snakes are harmless. More details about these snakes can be found here.

If a snake is in your home, do not try to capture it. Also, isolate the snake if possible and call a removal professional. Although venomous snakes are rare, it is difficult to determine the type of snake without experience.

How Snake Removal Works

Snake repellents and other D-I-Y methods are ineffective. We use traps to capture a snake that isn’t currently visible. However, all snake removal is executed by hand. Then, the snake is relocated to a more appropriate location. This ensures the snake does not return.

All snakes in PA are protected by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. For more information about their policies, their FAQs page provides a variety of answers.

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Serving Central PA

Backyard Wildlife Solutions serves a wide area in central Pennsylvania including Lancaster, York, Berks, Lebanon, Dauphin, Cumberland, and Adams Counties.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions is a registered member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Undergoing regular training, BWS uses approved traps and humane techniques when removing snakes and other animals from residential and commercial properties.

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