Squirrel Removal in Denver Pa

squirrel removal in Denver Pa

Squirrel Removal in Denver, PA

Sunday evening, we received a call from a customer with a squirrel trapped in their fireplace located in Denver, PA. The owners had opened the damper to build a fire, but after the fire, they tried to close the damper and it remained open.

Upon our inspection, we found the damper cap was not functioning correctly. The squirrel easily climbed down the open chimney flue and was unable to ascend back to the outdoors.

While squirrels are skillful climbers, newer chimneys are lined with clay tile. Builders started using these around the 1940s. Older chimneys constructed of brick or stone are ideal for squirrels to come and go as they please. However, the clay tile flues are too smooth for climbing. When squirrels are unable to climb up, the only way out is through the fireplace!

The Removal Process

We removed the squirrel from the fireplace, and successfully closed the faulty cap. Ultimately, the best prevention method we recommended is a chimney cap, which the homeowner initially declined.

A week later, the customer had another squirrel in their fireplace! They built another fire, and again the damper remained open. We removed the squirrel and closed the damper.

Lyemance Dampers

This particular cap and damper system is a Lyemance damper. The cable inside the fireplace opens and closes the damper. Generally, builders use these on a chimney if a damper was never installed. Additionally, they are used if the damper above the fireplace is broken. After each use, Lyemance caps must be closed once the fire has been completely extinguished. When open, animals have access to enter the chimney and fireplace.

At Backyard Wildlife Solutions, we are able to install stainless steel chimney caps that include a lifetime warranty to prevent any critters from entering or re-entering! We also offer inspection and sealing of chimney crowns to protect your chimney against water damage.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions provides squirrel removal in Denver Pa, and surrounding Lancaster County. We provide all animal removal and exclusion services in Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, York, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and Harrisburg, Pa.

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Len Lambert is an Animal Control specialist with more than 11 years experience in the safe and effective removal of animals from homes and businesses across central PA.