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Squirrel Removal


What you need to know about squirrel removal

What do squirrels do?

You might think squirrels are entertaining to watch, but they cause significant damage to your home. Their teeth never stop growing, so they’re always chewing on something! Mating season takes place in the early spring; they often find their way into homes seeking a warm and safe space. They are most active in the spring, fall, and winter.

Squirrels climb trees or power cables to get into your home. Similar to mice, squirrels will squeeze through small holes and cracks. Squirrels are easier to notice due to constant noise or unpleasant smells. Additionally, structural damage is seen around shingles, outer panels, and fascia boards. They also chew through electrical wires which is an expensive safety issue.

Common squirrel removal inquiries we encounter are squirrels stuck in chimneys, fireplaces, or nesting in attics.

How Squirrel Removal Works

Removing squirrels safely and effectively should be handled by an experienced wildlife technician. Often, squirrels bite if they feel scared or threatened in any way. Furthermore, repellant sprays and ultrasonic repellers will not deter squirrels from climbing into your home. Traps are the most effective method of removal. At Backyard Wildlife Solutions, we only use techniques and traps approved by the Pennsylvania State Game Commission.

Clean Up and Repair

Once we have removed all of the squirrels, we advise on the best methods for repairing the damage. Moreover, we also locate their entry points and recommend other solutions to prevent squirrels from returning.

Precautions and extreme care are used during clean-up. Naturally, the droppings are a breeding ground for a variety of harmful organisms. Salmonella and leptospirosis are two common diseases that can infect humans. Ultimately, a wildlife professional should handle clean-up.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions are experts in squirrel removal services in Lititz, Lancaster, Ephrata, Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, and surrounding areas. If you believe you have an unwanted squirrel tenant, please call 717-419-0781 or use our contact form.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions is a registered member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.  Undergoing regular training BWS uses approved traps and humane techniques when removing squirrels and other animals from residential and commercial properties.

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