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Groundhog Removal


What Do I Need to Know About Groundhog Removal?

The groundhog, also known as the woodchuck, is one of fourteen species of the squirrel family (marmot). In simple terms, a groundhog is a large squirrel!

They are excellent burrowers thanks to their powerful feet and curved claws. The burrows they create are used for general living, hibernating, and raising their young. A typical groundhog burrow has two to five entrances. Moreover, their tunnels are large, they range anywhere from eight to seventy feet!

Groundhogs are known carriers of rabies, which is transferable to both humans and pets. During the warmer months, they make their way into homes and businesses. When colder weather approaches, they retreat into their burrows for hibernation.

Damage caused by groundhogs

When groundhogs dig within a property, it creates a few problems. Burrowing leads to cave-ins which create significant damage. Common requests we receive for groundhogs include burrows under decks, sheds, or next to a structure. When burrows are made under a driveway or foundation, it is a serious and expensive complication. Burrows also present a trip hazard if they are not filled in.

Furthermore, woodchucks are pests due to plant damage; they eat a lot of plants. Their time is spent foraging for crops or other plant life in your backyard.

How groundhog removal works

Trapping and physical removal of the animal from the property are the most effective methods. We follow all guidelines of the PA Game Commission during removal. Additionally, filling their burrow holes is unproductive; the groundhog will just dig them out again!

In addition, animal repellents are generally unsuccessful. Groundhogs become aggressive when scared or trapped, allow a professional to handle your unwanted visitor to avoid any issues.

We also offer clean-up and remediation for groundhogs. In many instances, we install a custom heavy gauge wiring system around sheds or decks to prevent groundhogs or other animals from exploiting the affected area.

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Serving Central PA

Backyard Wildlife Solutions serves a wide area in central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, Lititz, Ephrata, Hershey, and Hummelstown.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions is a registered member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Undergoing regular training, BWS uses humane, approved traps and techniques when removing groundhogs and other animals from residential and commercial properties.


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