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Animal Control Lancaster

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Our wildlife technicians use the most effective process specific to each animal. Identifying the animals that cause damage is a key point in our process. We observe signs such as tracks, droppings, and nesting material when diagnosing the issue. Once we identify the offending animal, our technicians employ a removal plan.

Trapping and removal is the next step. While a wide variety of methods exist, we use only traps and methods approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Moreover, proper baiting and trapping methods are essential for animal control. Unprofessional methods will not capture the animals and harm them. If used improperly, animals will ultimately ignore traps altogether.

Repairs & Exclusion After Removal

Physically removing the animals is the safest and most lasting solution. After removal, we observe the damage and entry points. Once they are pinpointed, we create a repair plan. We have one main goal in our animal control methods: to repair damage in a practical manner. With valuable knowledge of home construction, our technicians use a variety of materials when repairing the damage.

In some instances, a simple repair isn’t enough for prevention. We are often asked, “Was my home not properly constructed?” Sometimes, the answer is yes. Soffit, fascia, and siding contribute to animal access if improperly installed. Other fixtures like roof and gable vents are easy entry points. The screens included are designed for bug prevention, not animal prevention. Additionally, simple patches and repairs are only temporary fixes. Our professional exclusion methods include: original components (when possible), custom aluminum repair, and galvanized hardware cloth. To conclude, quality caulking and sealing insures against future issues.

Remediation may also require cleaning and restoration services.

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