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Animal Removal Ephrata PA

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The town of Ephrata is one of our busiest service areas for animal removal.  Because of its close proximity to rural areas, we often see wildlife making its way into Ephrata homes and businesses.

Here are a few animal removal services we offer in Ephrata:


The photo shows the damage caused and the entry point of a bat at one of our bat removal jobs in Ephrata.  The bat wiggled its way through the dormer, which is also a common point of entry with birds and squirrels.  We also provided remediation and repair after the removal.

How our trapping and removal works

When we receive a call for animal removal in Ephrata, we begin our process with an in-person inspection. Our inspection includes carefully examining the whole interior and exterior of a home. Furthermore, we identify any active and potential entry points and what type of animal(s) are entering your home.

For trapping and removal, we only use traps and methods approved by the PA Game Commission. Trap types and methods vary greatly depending on what type of animal removal we perform.

Repairing and Exclusion After Removal

An important part of animal removal is exclusion; preventing a repeat occurrence. Our exclusion services include closing off all entry points and other potential entry points. This can include sealing the home, custom screening, chimney caps, et cetera.

With over 15 years of experience in animal removal, we take pride in quality repairs! Additionally, we always use materials that match your home’s aesthetics and use original materials when possible.

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We are fully licensed in the state of PA by the NWCOA. We’re your ethical animal control experts in Ephrata, PA! Give us a call or submit a request on our contact form.

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