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The town of Ephrata is one of our busiest service areas for animal removal.  Because of its close proximity to rural areas, we often see wildlife making their way into Ephrata homes and businesses.

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The photo shows the damage caused and the entry point of a bat at one of our animal removal jobs.  Moreover, the bat wiggled its way through the dormer (which is a common point of entry with birds and squirrels as well).  We also provided remediation and repair after the removal.

How our trapping and removal works

When an Ephrata customer calls us, we follow these procedures:

  • We identify the source of the problem, we must know exactly where the animal is located and how they gained access etc.. If aren’t sure, we diagnose this for you with a thorough search.
  • We safely trap the animal using one of our state approved traps.  These traps do not cause harm to the animal and are designed to cause as little distress as possible.
  • Animals that are healthy are released.

Repairing and Exclusion After Removal

An important part of animal removal is preventing the problem from happening again. We also repair any damage that’s caused in the process.

Furthermore, we have many years experience in this field and take pride in authentic and quality repairs that match your home aesthetics closely.

We also perform a check of your home for any other possible entry points and secure those as well.

All our repairs come with many years experience and are not simply some “quick fix”.

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We are a fully licensed for the whole of Pennsylvania.  We are your ethical animal control and removal service in Ephrata, PA.