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Animal Control Lebanon

Need animal control in Lebanon? Backyard Wildlife Solutions is here to help.

Lebanon is one of our busiest service areas. We’ve performed animal control requests all over Lebanon County, including Fredericksburg, Jonestown, Grantville, Palmyra, and Annville.

Nearby, Mount Gretna is a popular summer retreat destination that features cabins, restaurants, and a lake with a beach. It remains a small community for most of the year, but this changes significantly in the summer months. We have completed many jobs in Mount Gretna and Lebanon.

Some of the most common requests for the Lebanon area often include bats, skunks, and flying squirrels. During the Spring, we also see a large number of groundhog and bird removal requests too.

Recent Animal Control Jobs in the Lebanon Area

A few of our recent animal removal requests at Mount Gretna involved completing groundhog removal before the hibernation season.

A more complex job involved skunk removal and exclusion.  We installed a custom screening system under the home to prevent skunks from gaining entry in the future. This is a common solution for homeowners who want to keep animals out of their sheds, porches, and decks.

A proper installation involves excavation by hand to fully extend the systems into the ground which keeps the animals from digging underneath.

Trapping & Removing the Animal

When we receive a call for animal removal, the first step we perform is a full inspection of the area to identify the offending animals and entry points. The next step is to safely and effectively trap and remove the animal from the premises.

We only use traps and methods approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, this ensures the safety of everyone involved.

Repairing & Exclusion After Removal

After calling a professional wildlife control technician, you want to ensure that the animal won’t return. Through exclusion services, we make sure to close off any active and potential entry points once the animals have been removed.

Animals are able to enter your property through a variety of entry points.  They might burrow underground, find a weak spot in a damaged fence, or have small gaps or holes in the structure.

As a property owner, it can be challenging to determine the point of entry.  By only identifying the single active entry point, it does not consider other potential entry points. If the main entry point is closed off and others are left open, the animals will often find another way to get in.

Our services involve thoroughly inspecting your property to discover all possible entry points.

Once we know the entry points, we can then discuss a plan of action for exclusion. This often includes repairing existing damage, the damage the animal may have caused, and completing exclusion solutions such as wire netting and sealing.  We believe in using only the best materials and taking time to get the job done right.  No quick DIY fixes!

Check out this Google review left by one of our customers in Lebanon County:

“Len is absolutely terrific and very reasonably priced. He was extremely knowledgeable about both pest problems and remedies to keep the pests out. He is top-notch and I would give him 10 stars if I could”

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