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Animal Removal in Hummelstown PA

Need animal removal in Hummelstown? We’re here to help.

Hummelstown enjoys a lot of tourist activity due to its central location between Harrisburg and Hershey. Hummelstown is a regular stopping point on the route to Harrisburg as it’s 9 miles away.  Despite the town’s small population, downtown is a busy area.

We often receive calls for issues with birds, groundhogs, squirrels, and skunks in homes or businesses in Hummelstown.

Animal Removal Process

We always complete a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the home to determine the offending animal(s) and their entry and exit points. We implement a plan for trapping specific to the type of animal.  We only use traps and methods approved by the PA Game Commission which are the safest and most effective.

Repairing & Exclusion After Removal

One of the most important stages of any animal removal job is repair and exclusion. To prevent any other unwanted visitors from entering your home, we make recommendations for sealing and animal-proofing.

We believe a quality repair is the most effective, not quick patches. When you choose us for animal removal, you can expect a professional process!

Check out this Google review left by one of our customers close to Hummelstown:

“So grateful to have our shutters back up after 4 &1/2 years down(after a bird invasion behind each of our second-floor windows)! Len did an amazing job matching the trim to the original color of the shutter and the section where he had to cut the trim to match up against the stone looks wonderful!”

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