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Chipmunk Removal

Chipmunk on gravel
Photo by Evan McDougall

Everything you need to know about our chipmunk removal process

Chipmunks may look adorable, but they cause extensive damage to your landscape and home. Quick and efficient chipmunk removal is a priority for our technicians at Backyard Wildlife Solutions.

What do they look like?

The size of chipmunks ranges anywhere from four to seven inches long. Moreover, their most notable feature is their racing stripes. The majority of their fur is reddish/rust-colored while their stripes are black and white. Chipmunks are known for their quick and sudden movements while their tail is always upright.

What do they do?

They prefer to live in or close to wooded areas. When they are closer to homes, they reside along rock walls or near concrete slabs. They eat seeds, nuts, grains, berries, and bird eggs.

What makes them a nuisance?

Burrowing creates extensive damage. Chipmunks burrow around or under patio slabs, stone walls, mainly anything concrete. If they enter your home, they gain access to the walls and attics causing costly damage. They also tear up yards and destroy gardens. In short, burrowing holes are often found around foundations, garages, and sheds.

What diseases do they carry?

Chipmunks are a member of the rodent family. They are easy hosts for fleas and ticks which carry the plague and Lyme disease.

How does chipmunk removal work?

Rodent repellents are mostly ineffective. However, trapping ensures that they won’t return. All of our traps and techniques used during chipmunk removal are approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Once they are all removed, their burrow entrances can be filled in. In addition, we can also install galvanized cloth in vulnerable areas to ensure protection in the future.

Serving Central PA

Backyard Wildlife Solutions are the professionals you need for chipmunk removal in Hershey, York, Lebanon, Lancaster, and other surrounding areas. If you live in or nearby these locations, please call 717-419-0781 or contact us.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions is a registered member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Undergoing regular training, BWS uses approved traps and techniques when removing chipmunks and other animals from residential and commercial properties.


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