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Animal Removal York

York spreads across a large area west of the Susquehanna river.  With a lot of open country our pest control call-outs in York consist mainly of groundhogs, skunks, squirrels among others.  The county is also an area we have attended several large snake removal requests.

The snakes found in the greater York area are most likely to be non-venomous.  However these snakes can easily reach 5 feet in length and in some cases require professional removal.

An example of a job we completed in York involved trapping and removing a black snake from a property.  After removal the home was re-sealed, including screening vents and repairing some unique caps.

Trapping & Removing the Animal

At Backyard Wildlife Solutions we only use approved traps when removing animals from your property.  We use equipment that allows us to effectively trap the animal with as minimal distress as possible.  Our traps are approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  This helps to reduce any risk of harm to the animals, while making it quicker and easier to capture the animals.

Repairing & Exclusion After Removal

Much of the repair and sealing work we do after removing the animal is custom to you.  Where possible we aim to use original materials.  A lot of the work we do involves custom aluminum work.  We always keep aesthetics in mind when repairing/sealing after an animal removal.

A large portion of the repair/sealing work we do is custom, as we are often trying to address unique situations.

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