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Animal Removal York

York, Pennsylvania is a large area west of the Susquehanna river with a lot of open country. Common requests for animal removal from residents in York mainly consist of groundhogs, skunks, squirrels, and snakes.

Most snakes found in the York area are most likely non-venomous.  However, these snakes can easily reach 5 feet in length! For cases with large snakes, homeowners may prefer to call a professional for removal.

A homeowner in York reported that a black snake entered their home. After we removed the snake, we sealed the home and created custom screening for vents on the home. We also placed stainless steel caps on their open chimney flues to prevent snakes and/or other animals from entering the home.

Trapping & Removing the Animal

We only use traps and methods approved by the PA Game Commission when removing animals from homes and businesses. This ensures the safety of everyone involved as nuisance animals can carry diseases while capturing animals efficiently.

Repair & Exclusion

Much of the repair and sealing work we do after removing the animal is custom to the home or building. We strive to use original materials when possible but most sealing work we do involves custom aluminum work and caulking. We always keep aesthetics in mind when repairing/sealing after an animal removal.

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