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Hershey is one of our busiest service areas for animal removal. Whether it’s an issue with bats in the attic, a skunk that’s made its way into your backyard, or a raccoon that’s put up residence in your crawlspace, we’ve solved many animal issues in Hershey.

These photos show the damage caused by a bat that gained entry to this Hershey home through its dormer (a common problem with bats, birds, and squirrels). After removal and exclusion, we repaired the area, as shown by these before and after pictures.

Some of the animals we can humanly remove include bats, birds, groundhogs, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, and snakes.


How our animal removal and trapping works

When we receive a call, we first identify the source of the problem. If you aren’t sure of the exact location of the animal, we perform a thorough search. Most importantly, we have many years of experience with identifying all the common entry/exit points.

Secondly, we safely trap the animal while using state-approved traps and methods of removal approved by the PA Game Commission.

Moreover, there are various regulations depending on whether the animal carries harmful diseases, is protected, etc.

Repairing & Exclusion After Removal

Once we have removed the animal, we provide repairs for damages caused by the animal if necessary. During our process, we use color-matched material to maintain the aesthetics and use original materials when possible. We also implement preventative services such as custom screening, vent guards, chimney caps, and other services to prevent any other animals from returning.

All of our repairs come with many years of experience and are not a “quick fix”.

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