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Harrisburg Animal RemovalBackyard Wildlife Solutions have solved Harrisburg’s animal removal problems for over a decade. Harrisburg is one of our busiest service areas outside of Lancaster. If you’re looking for an expert to handle a pest control issue, we are the company to call.

Some of the most common Harrisburg animal control jobs include: Bats, birds, squirrels, groundhogs, and skunks. Our expertise is not limited to these critters though. We can help with any unwanted wild animal issue.

One of our recent jobs was for a group of squirrels at a local indoor tennis club. We trapped and removed all the squirrels, and then repaired the entry area, which was along the eaves, behind the gutter system.

Some of the animals we can humanly remove include bats, birds, groundhogs, opossums raccoons, squirrels and snakes.

Trapping & Removing the Animal

After receiving a call for a animal control problem, the first step to resolving the issue is trapping and removing the animal.  At Backyard Animal Solutions we only use traps approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  This helps to reduce any risk of harm to the animals, while making it quicker and easier to capture the animals.

Repairing & Exclusion After Removal

We are more than just your Harrisburg animal removal company. In cases where the animal may have caused damage to your property, we can offer repairs and exclusion to prevent the animal from returning.  Preventing an animal from entering your property requires identification of all possible entry points, and options for exclusion.  This is something we can discuss once the animal has been removed, offering a tailored plan.  Simple patches and repairs often lead to poor results.  We take the time to ensure a proper job, over more temporary “handyman” fixes.  Where possible we try to use original, matching components, as well as the best quality sealants and caulking to help prevent re-entry.

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