Birds Behind Shutters Lancaster, Pa

Birds behind shutters

Birds behind shutters can be a harmful issue for homeowners

Nuisance birds can be damaging to your home and leave unsightly messes on and around the areas they decide to exploit.

Birds behind shutters cause some of the worst messes, particularly when they are nesting behind shutters on the front of the home. This situation will typically occur when the home has a stone exterior wall with shutters mounted to it. House Sparrows and Starlings will take advantage of the space created between the shutters and the stone. The result is nesting material hanging around the windows and falling to the ground below, and droppings on everything. Bird droppings can corrode and destroy the materials that are used to build your home. During the warmer months, odor from the nests will permeate the living space from the adjacent windows.

In addition to the noise, mess, and odor, there is also the danger of being exposed to the diseases carried by birds. Histoplasmosis, Toxoplasmosis, West Nile Virus, Salmonella, and hundreds of different mites and parasites can be found on birds and in their droppings.

Removing the offending birds and their nesting material should be performed in conjunction with excluding the areas behind the shutters. Backyard Wildlife Solutions will remove all of the debris, clean and restore the affected area, and exclude the birds from returning to the spaces behind the shutters. While several exclusion options exist for birds behind shutters, aesthetics and maintenance may make them less appealing. We will profile aluminum to the contour of your shutters and stone, offering a natural appearance and longevity to the solution.

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