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Animal Removal Lititz

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We’re a local business based out of Lititz, PA with over 15 years of experience in proper animal removal and exclusion.

Moreover, we remove a variety of animals from homes and businesses including: squirrels, skunks, groundhogs, and bats. We’re experienced in removing other animals in Lititz, too.

Our removal process

The first step we take is a full inspection of the home including the interior and exterior. Our in-depth inspection looks at the home from top to bottom, taking note of any active or potential entry points.

During our inspection, we’ll identify the offending animals. Signs such as droppings, tracks, nesting materials, and your experiences help us determine the type of critter.

We then make a plan for removal, which often consists of trapping. We exclusively use traps and trapping guidelines outlined by the PA Game Commission. Their guidelines ensure humane and the most effective methods of removal.

Repair plans

Repair plans vary greatly depending on the type of animal and the home. We always strive for practical repair; matching existing aesthetics and using original components when possible. Most of the time, we’ll use color-matched aluminum trim coil and sealants to complete the repairs creating a seamless, finished look.

We also provide custom screening, vent covers, gutter cleaning, gutter guards, and chimney caps.

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