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We’re your licensed and insured animal removal and wildlife control experts in Reading PA! We have over 15 years of experience in animal removal and repair to effectively resolve your nuisance wildlife problems in Reading and surrounding communities.

Our Animal Removal Process

The first step of our first step is to do a complete inspection. If animals are found in your home, it’s important that all entry points are discovered. Otherwise, the animals will come back. By the end of our inspection, we can usually determine where animals are getting in, what kind of animals are getting in, and how long they have been there based on damage to the home.

We also provide remediation and clean-up once animal removal has been completed. We strive to use original components when possible, and always make sure repairs match the home’s original aesthetics.

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Skunk Removal in Reading

An example of a job we completed in Reading recently was for a homeowner who spotted a skunk roaming around her property on multiple occasions. It had also started to dig several holes around her property. We immediately implemented trapping methods to ensure we caught the skunk quickly.

Do you have an unwanted animal problem in or around Reading, PA?  Give us a call: 717-419-0781.

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