Snake Removal Harrisburg

Snake Removal/Black Rat Snake

Snake removal and exclusion is a service offered by Backyard Wildlife Solutions in Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, York, Reading, and surrounding areas in Pa.

The most common snakes in our area are black snakes and garter snakes, both of which are non-venomous snakes. These snakes primarily feed on rodents and bugs. While those types of benefits are appealing, having them inside the living space of your home is not.

Snakes enter homes and other structures through small gaps around the perimeter. They often enter homes in search of shelter, food, or both. While they generally enter areas at or near ground level, black snakes are excellent climbers. They can often climb brick, siding, or other rough surfaces to gain access to gaps along the roofline.

Many non-venomous snakes are often mistaken for venomous snakes. The wide range in patterns and colors of snakes when they are young causes confusion and mis-identification. Here in the Susquehanna Valley, the vast majority of our snakes are non-venomous. Whenever possible, snakes can be removed without harm and relocated to more suitable locations.

Snake removal is conducted through extraction and trapping when necessary. Backyard Wildlife Solutions also offers a full range of exclusion services to eliminate future issues. We will fully inspect the perimeter of your home during the initial site visit, discuss trapping and removal options, place traps, and provide a comprehensive plan to seal the structure once the snakes have been removed.

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Backyard Wildlife Solutions offers snake removal service in Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, York, Reading and surrounding areas.