Skunk Removal in Lancaster Pa

Skunk Removal in Lancaster, PA is being performed at many homes right now. Backyard Wildlife Solutions has been removing skunks at locations such as Lancaster, Manheim Township, Akron, Lititz, and more.

Skunks typically breed in February and March and will often spray during these activities. Their young will emerge in late Spring and generally remain with their mother until the following breeding season. Often during the summer and fall months, multiple skunks will be present at a den site. Den sites can be present under patios, decks, sheds, or any other suitable location that will offer the skunks cover and protection. Skunks are nocturnal, but are sometimes seen during the day. When they travel at night, they generally tend to move along edges, such as along the side of your home, fence, or tree line to offer themselves some cover and protection.

The skunk removal we recently performed in Akron was for a local property management group. They had received a call from a tenant who had seen several skunks at a property they are responsible for. The skunks had been seen moving in and out from under the home. Once we were contracted to perform the skunk removal, we began the process to assess the structure and set up a removal program. The skunks had exploited a loosely constructed foundation and were living under the home. We removed nine skunks total, all from the same litter. We have also offered the property owner a solution for permanent exclusion and repair work to prevent this issue in the future. All of the skunks were removed without any incident of spraying.

Skunk removal in Lancaster Pa should only be performed by a licensed professional wildlife control operator. Call Backyard Wildlife Solutions today at 717-419-0781 or use our contact form for skunk removal in Lancaster Pa and surrounding areas. We offer skunk removal and control and all animal removal and control in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Lebanon, York, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Reading, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.