Squirrel Removal in Harrisburg Pa

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Squirrels are very common in Harrisburg and surrounding areas. They cause significant damage to your home and property. We offer trapping and squirrel removal for indoor and outdoor issues. We also repair damage and use preventative methods to keep squirrels out of your home in the future.

What do they do?

Typically, squirrels have two litters per year; one in the spring, and one in late summer. Generally, their first litter will disperse, but the second litter may stay with their mother. As cooler weather approaches, squirrels that have nested outside begin to look for warmer places.

As squirrels are excellent climbers, they explore and investigate your home from top to bottom. They will enter any “weaknesses” on your home’s exterior. They will enter all types of vents including ones with built-in screens.

Chimneys are another highly probable area for squirrel entry. If there is no damper in place, they will end up in your living room. Squirrels will also chew through a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. They will quickly turn a small hole or gap into their new front door.

What damages do they cause?

When squirrels are living in your attic, the damage continues to increase. They nest in the insulation, move it around, flatten it out, and destroy the “R” value. They also chew on electric wires, causing the risk of fire. In some cases, they will scratch and chew through walls and ceilings, and enter your living spaces. We have seen severe and costly damage to window and door trim from squirrels who are stuck inside trying to escape.

Backyard Wildlife Solutions will solve your squirrel problems. We offer repair and exclusion work on all exterior components of your home. We repair holes and seal them properly, screen vents, and install chimney caps. We offer removal of squirrels and other animals in Harrisburg Pa, and surrounding areas such as Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and Reading.

If you believe squirrels are living in your home, feel free to call us at 717-419-0781 or use our contact form.

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Len Lambert

Len Lambert is an Animal Control specialist with more than 11 years experience in the safe and effective removal of animals from homes and businesses across central PA.