Skunk Removal in Akron, PA

Skunk Removal in Akron, PA

Currently, skunk removal is being performed at many homes located in Lancaster County. This spring, we have removed skunks in Manheim Township, Akron, Lititz, and more.

What do skunks do?

Skunks often make their presence known. When they spray, their putrid scent tends to stick around for a while. Our technicians understand the importance of quick and efficient animal removal.

Their breeding season ranges from February to March. During breeding, they spray which is a strong indication of their presence.

Throughout the summer and fall, multiple skunks live at one den site. Locations of their den sites are commonly found in backyards. Patios, decks, and sheds are ideal spaces for skunks because it offers protection from the elements.

Moreover, skunks are primarily nocturnal. Occasionally, they are seen during the day looking for food, or if they were frightened from their sleeping spot.

When traveling, skunks prefer to move along edges of homes, tree lines, or fences to feel secure.

Skunk Removal in Akron

A property management group in Akron reported skunk activity at one of their rentals. The tenant noticed multiple skunks retreating to and from a den located under the home.

Our Removal Process

During our inspection, we found a loosely constructed foundation. This allowed skunks to slip under the home and live comfortably.

We were able to remove all of the skunks, 9 total, without a spraying incident. Additionally, we offered the owner a solution for exclusion to prevent other skunks or other animals from returning.

Skunk removal in Lancaster Pa should only be performed by a licensed wildlife control operator. Call Backyard Wildlife Solutions today at 717-419-0781 or use our contact form for skunk removal in Lancaster Pa and surrounding areas. We offer skunk removal and control and and all animal removal and control in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Lebanon, York, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Reading, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

Squirrel Removal – Attic in New Holland

Squirrel and pest removal in New Holland PA

Recently, we received a call from a family, located in New Holland, reporting noises coming from walls. Usually, noises in walls and ceilings are indications of rats, mice, or squirrels. With their home, we found usual signs of squirrel entry.

What damage to squirrels cause to a home?

Squirrels are always chewing on something, their teeth are always growing! While it can be entertaining to watch squirrels forage for food and chase each other up trees, they quickly become a safety hazard.

In this situation, the squirrels the squirrels chewed through areas around the gutter, crown molding, and the fascia board. Luckily, none of the wiring was damaged during their chewing. While squirrels in homes are a safety issue, their damage requires a variety of repair processes.

Our Removal & Repair Process

After our inspection of the home was completed, we were able to begin the trapping process. Once the offending squirrels were no longer in the home we repaired the entry points. We sealed the home to prevent squirrels or any other animal from entering.

Furthermore, the clean-up should be handled by a professional. Their droppings are a breeding ground for harmful organisms such as salmonella and leptospirosis. Altogether, extreme care should be taken during the process of squirrel removal.

Additional Services

As an extra measure, we also provide the option of chimney cap installation. Unprotected chimneys are a common entry point for squirrels and other critters.

Additionally, we offer custom screening specific to each home or business. With all of our repairs, we strive to match the existing aesthetic of the structure.

If you are hearing noises in your attic or walls, please call 717-419-0781 or use our contact form. Backyard Wildlife Solutions are your licensed wildlife control technicians for squirrel removal and other animals. We are currently serving all of Central PA: ‎Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, York, and surrounding counties.

Bats Inside the Living Space in Mount Joy, Pa

bat with open mouth

Last fall, we received a call from an Elizabethtown property owner. However, the property is actually located in Mount Joy. The landlord reported bats inside multiple units. Specifically, the bats were in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Bats are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a bat flying around your bedroom! It is very unsettling especially if they continue to return from an unknown origin. Furthermore, they are the most common carrier for rabies; bat removal is handled with extreme caution.

A complete external entry inspection of the home was performed. Moreover, multiple entry points were found throughout the course of our inspection. The old chimney provided easy access as well as dormers on the roof. From there, the bats entered the attic of the building.

The Removal Process

We were contracted to do a complete sealing and exclusion of all entry points. When bats become comfortable with your home, they return on a regular basis. They enter through small spaces, so we make sure to identify all entry points.

After removal of the existing bats, sealing was completed and the landlord’s apartments are now bat free! Additionally, we completed preventative maintenance to keep bats from returning.

In addition, bat droppings (guano) can contain contaminants that should be handled by an animal removal professional. is also present in their droppings.

If you have issues with bats or other animals inside your home, don’t hesitate to call 717-419-0781 or use our contact form.

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