Bat Removal Harrisburg Pa

bat removal harrisburg pa

Bat Removal Harrisburg Pa-bat removal should only be conducted by a licensed professional wildlife control operator. In this blog, we will discuss the proper procedure for bat removal, addressing bat-proofing, one-way doors, timing, and remediation.

Having successfully sealed many homes for bat removal in Harrisburg, Pa and surrounding areas, Backyard Wildlife Solutions has the experience and knowledge to make your home bat free.

A complete inspection of the structure is necessary to determine the proper plan of exclusion and remediation for each home. An inspection should include a complete external review from the roof to ground level. While bats typically enter from elevated areas, we have seen them with active entrances four to five feet off the ground. The inspection should also include any accessible areas inside that the bats may have access to including the attic and/or upper level crawlspaces.

A typical bat removal in Harrisburg, Pa and surrounding areas will involve Big Brown Bats and Little Brown Bats. Both are common in Pennsylvania, although population numbers have dwindled over the past few years due to White Nose Syndrome. White Nose Syndrome is a fungus that attacks the bats primarily during hibernation and has been proven fatal. White Nose Syndrome has not been shown to affect humans. Health concerns to humans regarding bats are primarily rabies and Histoplasmosis. While the ratio of bats carrying rabies is relatively low (widely considered to be one percent,) positive tests for bats with the disease have been made locally. Histoplasmosis is a fungus contained in the guano, or droppings of the bats. It can be contracted by humans when the spores become airborne typically during cleanup or demolition. If left untreated, Histoplasmosis can be fatal to humans.

During the inspection, the primary entry points for bats should be identified so they can be isolated for bat-venting. Bat-venting is the process of installing one way doors or escape tubes for bats to exit the home after the exclusion has taken place. Bat-venting is the only legal way remove bats permanently in Pennsylvania as regulated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Secondary entrances and areas for preventative sealing will also be identified during the initial inspection. A competent, professional bat exclusion technician will perform an invasive inspection of all components of the structure. This includes, and is not limited to: chimneys, rooflines, all types of ventilation, fascia, soffit, siding, brick, stone, etc. As an experienced bat exclusion company, Backyard Wildlife Solutions has a competent understanding of all building components and we are able to repair and replace all necessary items during the process.

The timing of bat exclusions can be restricted to a certain degree. Identified bat colonies should not be vented from late May through the end of July. Some exclusion can be performed (such as the preventative work) but the primary entrances should be left open until the young bats can fly. Bat exclusion performed late in the fall should remain vented until the end of May so that bats do not become trapped if they hibernate in the structure over the winter.

Once the bats have been permanently excluded, clean up of guano in affected areas can be performed. In homes with established bat colonies, it is sometimes necessary to replace certain components that may be damaged or stained by years of bat activity. Proper and safe clean up of the areas should be performed with HEPA filtration vacuums and appropriate respiratory and other protective equipment for anyone performing these duties.

Schedule your bat inspection for bat removal in Harrisburg, Pa and surrounding areas with Backyard Wildlife Solutions at 717-419-0781 or use our contact form. Backyard Wildlife Solutions offers bat removal, bat exclusions, and bat control in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, York, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and surrounding areas in Pa.


Bats Inside the Living Space in Mount Joy, Pa

bat with open mouth

Last fall, we received a call from an Elizabethtown property owner. However, the property is actually located in Mount Joy. The landlord had reports of bats inside multiple units. Specifically, the bats were in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms!

Bats are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a bat flying around your bedroom! It can be very unsettling especially if they continue to return from an unknown origin. Furthermore, they are also the most common carrier for rabies; extreme care needs to be taken during removal.

A complete external entry inspection of the home was performed. Moreover, multiple entry points were found throughout the course of our inspection. The old chimney provided easy access as well as dormers on the roof. From there, the bats entered the attic of the building.

We were contracted to do a complete sealing and exclusion of all entry points. Additionally, we completed preventative maintenance to ensure the bats wouldn’t return. After removal of the existing bats, sealing was completed and the tenant’s apartments are now bat free!

If you have issues with bats or other critters in your home, don’t hesitate to call 717-419-0781 or use our contact form.