Bat Removal in Harrisburg PA

bat removal harrisburg pa

Bat Removal in Harrisburg, PA

A typical bat removal in Harrisburg, PA involves Big brown Bats or Little Brown Bats. Both species are very common in Pennsylvania. However, their populations have dwindled due to white-nose syndrome.

White-Nose Syndrome is a fungus that attacks bats during hibernation periods. The disease is fatal for bats but it does not affect humans. Comparatively, bats are common carriers of rabies and histoplasmosis, which are both fatal to humans if untreated.

The percentage of bats carrying rabies in low, but local bats have tested positive before. Rabies is transmitted through a scratch or bite from a bat.

Moreover, histoplasmosis is a fungus contained in bat droppings (guano). During cleanup, it becomes airborne. We recommend that clean-up be handled by an experienced technician to avoid any transmission.

Our removal process

First, an inspection of your home is performed to identify their entry points. Bats squeeze through spaces that are the size of a quarter! This is why exclusion is an important part of our process.

During our inspection, we find their primary entrances. We will then install one-way doors which allow bats inside your home to exit, but not return.

Our experienced technicians check chimneys, rooflines, all types of ventilation, fascia, soffit, and various types of siding. We understand all building components and are able to repair and replace elements throughout our process.


Our exclusion process for bats can be somewhat restricted depending on the breeding seasons . Some exclusion work on secondary entrance points are performed, however; primary entrances are left open until the babies can fly. During the warmer months, the doors must remain in place until late August. If later than that, the doors would remain in place until May when they wake from hibernation.

Our Clean Up Process

Once our exclusion process is completed, we begin the clean-up process. Proper clean up includes special vacuums and protective equipment that prevents the spread of diseases.

Schedule your inspection for bat removal in Harrisburg, Pa and surrounding areas with Backyard Wildlife Solutions at 717-419-0781 or use our contact form. Backyard Wildlife Solutions offers bat removal, bat exclusions, and bat control in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, York, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and surrounding areas in Pa.


Bats Inside the Living Space in Mount Joy, Pa

bat with open mouth

Last fall, we received a call from an Elizabethtown property owner. However, the property is actually located in Mount Joy. The landlord reported bats inside multiple units. Specifically, the bats were in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Bats are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a bat flying around your bedroom! It is very unsettling especially if they continue to return from an unknown origin. Furthermore, they are the most common carrier for rabies; bat removal is handled with extreme caution.

A complete external entry inspection of the home was performed. Moreover, multiple entry points were found throughout the course of our inspection. The old chimney provided easy access as well as dormers on the roof. From there, the bats entered the attic of the building.

The Removal Process

We were contracted to do a complete sealing and exclusion of all entry points. When bats become comfortable with your home, they return on a regular basis. They enter through small spaces, so we make sure to identify all entry points.

After removal of the existing bats, sealing was completed and the landlord’s apartments are now bat free! Additionally, we completed preventative maintenance to keep bats from returning.

In addition, bat droppings (guano) can contain contaminants that should be handled by an animal removal professional. is also present in their droppings.

If you have issues with bats or other animals inside your home, don’t hesitate to call 717-419-0781 or use our contact form.